Stetzer Electric Filters Almost Kill two People – Video

Investigation That Could Save Your Life!
Stetzer Electric, Inc.’s
Stetzerizer Surge
Suppressor/Powerstrip CAUGHT FIRE
and burned early one morning, exposing a couple to heavy toxic fumes and smoke.  It potentially could have killed them & burned down their home. Breathing toxic chemicals can lead to cancer and damaged lungs .

2 time Emmy Award winning Investigative Reporter Judd McIlvain witnessed the opening of the
dangerous Stetzer products.

Company owner, Dave Stetzer, was officially notified of this event, and chose not to be represented by his own expert.

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The original un-edited video of this investigation is on file, so Dave Stetzer or his insurance company can’t say this video was altered.

Stetzer Filters are used for emf filters, dirty electricity, green electricity, filtered surge suppressor, electrical pollution reduction filters.

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