Stetzer Electric Inc. Claims to Cure Diabetes

Dave Stetzer owner of Stetzer Electric has trained his employees to tell new customers claims that his Stetzerizer filters cure cancer. And it has made him very rich.

The following are recordings of the Stetzer Electric company’s manager and main distributor telling new customers that Stetzer electric filters can cure diabetes. You can also hear them diagnosing, offering treatment and prescribing their phony products for curing life threatening medical problems. This is called practicing medicine without a license and is totally against the law. What’s next, claims of a Cancer cure?  Click here!

The following video is the Stetzer Electric’s Manager Jessica telling a new customer that the Stetzer filers can cure Diabetes.

Transcript of Stetzer Electric’s Manager Video

Jessica: Good morning Stetzer electric
New Customer: We have a lot of people that have diabetes so your diagnosis is that that X that the the stuff that comes off the wiring if you put your filter on it that helps treat the diabetes by eliminating those negative waves.
Jessica: Yeah it’s gona it’s going to bring the number down therefore it will have an effect on blood sugar.
New Customer: Okay so so this could have a benefit in another words this is a large expense I mean it could be the order we’re looking at is about 25,000 every six months. We’re getting into this because we talk to one of your distributors she was told that that this really affects the blood sugar or the insulin or something because of the a eliminating the dirty electricity, I guess that was the keyword dirty electricity. So she wanted to make sure that if we are going to invest in a product like this with this amount of money we wanted to make sure that she heard that right. So she wanted to make sure that by using these filters it definitely helps treat the diabetes and lower the also the numbers of the sugar level or insulin level, correct?
Jessica: Yes
New Customer: Okay. Okay then a can you think of anything I missed Jessica?
Jessica: I don’t think so.
New Customer: Okay thank you very much.
Jessica: Thanks
New Customer: Bye now
Jessica: Bye

The following video is the Stetzer Electric’s Main distributor Dena of Dirty Electricity USA telling a new customer that the Stetzer filers can cure Diabetes.

Transcript of Stetzer Electric’s Main Distributor Video

Dena: Dirty Electricity USA this is Dena
New Customer: Ah Yes I’m calling about ah, your safety filters for electricity.
Dena: Yes the Stetzerizer filter yes.
New Customer: It said online that it saves on electricity?
Dena: Yes yes it did, it says it saves about 20% people, once you have it in you’ll sleep better you’ll feel better. Let me ask you Is she diabetic?
New Customer: I, yes she is.
Dena: Okay so what is she type one or two?
New Customer: Two
Dena: Two okay, so she’s taking medication too right?
New Customer: Yes
Dena: Okay so let’s about what it actually does because what it does it will change the numbers so we tell people with diabetics once they put the filter in it will change her numbers she will may be feel fainted she won’t feel very good but after a while people realize that actually they don’t need so much of medication.
New Customer: So she can take less medication then?
Dena: Yes take less medication. What it does is corrects this system in your body.
New Customer: Well are you part of his company then?
Dena: Yes we are part of the company. Not everybody can be selling for Stetzerizer filter. I mean you have to go there you have to learn about it, you have to do the research together.
New Customer: I really wanted to make sure you were you know you were part of the company and representing the company.
Dena: Yes yes we have to because you know there is liability in it.
New Customer: Do any of these have like a circuit breaker or something?
Dena: The power strip has a circuit breaker.
New Customer: Oh I’m sorry somebody’s at the door
Dena: Yeah no problem call me back call me on my cell if I don’t answer. I have the cell number on the voicemail.
New Customer: Okay thank you. Bye.
Dena: Buy bye bye

The horrible thing is, that many of their customers are putting these phony devices, that has been found to increase negative causes of electricity, into retirement homes and old age homes. We find that pathetic.

Click to hear Dave Stetzer owner of Stetzer Electric claiming he can cure Cancer and Diabetes.