Stetzer Electric Danger Newsletter

Insurance companies lawyers profit
while Stetzer Electric Inc. goes down

in flames and Stetzer’s victims suffer

Many people don’t know that insurance companies hire attorneys for the purpose of beating down the innocent victims who file claims against their clients. Of course the  tactics are legal but often times they are totally immoral.  It’s bad enough that people have been victimized by unscrupulous companies.  Now they have to contend with unscrupulous attorneys.

Outrageous Claims!

One such case involves Stetzer Electric Inc. They sell products that allegedly counter “EMF pollution”, so called  “dirty electricity” that are also supposed to cut down on your electrical bill at the same time as treating everything from diabetes to cancer.  At least that’s what Dave Stetzer the president of Stetzer Electric, Inc. and his distributors worldwide say — ‘plug-in our filters and your health problems go away’.

As far as saving on your electric bill,  it seems to do quite the opposite. During the year that one customer had installed Stetzer Electric filter products in his home his  electrical bill went up about 30% more than the previous year.  And there are studies available proving this to be true.

Near Deadly Accident!

One couple was using Stetzer filters and one of the units caught on fire and almost killed them and burned down their home.  Their house was inundated with toxic fumes, gases and smoke.

Dave Stetzer ignored the situation and apparently just hoped the couple would disappear from his life.   It was only four months later when the man contacted Stetzer by letter demanding some action that Stetzer woke up and did something.  He dumped the problem on his insurance company.  

Mr. Stetzer was also invited to observe the opening of his defective product during a video investigation conducted by a consumer reporter which he and his insurance company declined to attend.  Mr. Stetzer says “I don’t remember if I was contacted”. 

So Mr. Stetzer forgot the faxes, phone calls and certified mail that were sent weeks before the defective product was opened inviting him or a representative of his insurance company to be a witness?

Become a Victim and Suddenly You’re an Extortionist!

Instead of showing any concern for the victims of his defective surge suppressor product, Dave Stetzer turned around and said he was being extorted.  He tells reporter after reporter that his victim is extorting him because the man asked for help with medical expenses.

Mr. Stetzer admits that it was his insurance companies representative Mr. Gary Glenn of Acuity Insurance, that told him that he was being extorted. The extortion claims arose from Stetzer’s victims simply sending Mr. Stetzer a bill for his medical expenses and pain and suffering caused by Dave Stetzer’s defective product.

But here’s where the plot thickens.

Enter the Attorneys! 

Mr. Stetzer and his insurance company decide to sue the  victim for defamation based upon baseless allegations that some supporters of the Stetzer’s victim were telling the public about the man’s ordeal and almost being killed by Stetzer Electric products.  Stetzer apparently believes he has free speech rights to tell everyone his products cure cancer, leukemia and diabetes, but his victims have no rights whatsoever to tell people about something that actually happened – that two people could have been killed by Stetzerizer filters.

Spreading the Word!

So now others have joined the “Spreading the Truth about Stetzer Electric” campaign to spread the word about the danger of their products.

Attack the Victim!

Instead of trying to resolve this situation in a beneficial way for all parties, especially for the victim that still suffers as a result of Stetzer products they now try to attack the victim. One of the victims is an honorably discharged combat veteran who has served his country.  The man’s supporters are ready to spread the word with information proving what the evil Stetzer products can do and how his insurance company is a collaborator in the attack the victim campaign.

Medical Malpractice!

While his victims go without medical care, Stetzer Electric is in danger of being shut down for committing criminal acts against the public. Now there is growing evidence that Dave Stetzer, his employees and distributors (Dena at Dirty Electricity USA for one) are practicing medicine without a license on top of all the other crimes that they have committed.

Lawyers Get Rich!

So his lawyers keep getting paid and making more and more money for their billable hours trying to figure new ways to gang up against Stetzer’s victims.  What will they do today, trot the poor man up the stairs to a guillotine?

Here’s a good quote from Stetzer’s insurance company reflecting their attitude regarding all of this … “well lawyers have to eat too” – Gary Glenn.

So it seems that the only winner in all this are the lawyers bank accounts.  Everyone else, it seems, can go to hell.