A VICTIM of Stetzer Electric’s defective “dirty electricity” filtered power strip/surge suppressor (so called “EMF pollution reduction filters”) has been forced to file a lawsuit against owner Dave Stetzer and his insurance companies, Acuity Insurance and John Glenn Adjusters, for fraud, conspiracy and defamation. Mr. Stetzer has been telling reporters investigating the incident that he’s being extorted because the victim wants health compensation after breathing toxic fumes and debris from the burned Stetzer filter power strip unit.

The Glenn company just merged with George Hills Co., whose website says they’re good at “protecting assets”, so it’s unlikely the new adjuster/insurer will be interested in protecting consumers or victims of Stetzer Electric.

Make sure you read about the ANTI-SLAPP motion Stetzer’s victim was forced to file.

Read the Scientific Study that says Stetzer Filters for “Dirty Electricity” are Useless.