Important Investigations

Stetzer Electric. Inc. is currently being investigated for manufacturing and selling a dangerous product that has caught fire and emits toxic smoke and chemicals into the air YOU breathe.

Under Investigation:  Agencies and organizations are currently investigating or planning to investigate the hazardous Stetzerizer Filtered Surge Suppressor (power strip).  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been notified.  Various media outlets have already been alerted and are planning to do stories.  The dangerous product(s) has also been reported to the Underwriters Laboratory (UL), the company that certified it as “safe”.  The product is made in China … where else?

If you have one of these “dirty electricity” EMF filter for electrical pollution reduction filtered surge suppressors/ power strips, unplug it immediately and notify the company.  You may wish to hold onto the product and not return it to them at this time until you learn more.  Updated news will be posted on this website.