Dave Stetzer Claims to Cure Cancer

Dave Stetzer owner of Stetzer Electric has been claiming that his Stetzerizer filters cure cancer. And it has made him very rich.

The following is just one recording of Dave Stetzer telling another customer that his “dirty electricity” filters can cure Cancer and Diabetes.  Why would someone do this? Clean out the bank accounts of people who are sick and desperately looking for help with their illnesses? Because it makes Dave Stetzer rich.

Transcript of the video

Dave Stetzer – Says his products cure
Cancer, Diabetes & other Serious Diseases.

Kelly: Good afternoon Stetzer Electric
New Customer: Whom am speaking to?
Kelly: This is Kelly
New Customer: Yes I’m supposed to be speaking to a Dave Stetzer.
Kelly: Hold on a minute
Dave Stetzer: Hello
New Customer: Yes um who am I speaking to?
Dave Stetzer: Dave
New Customer: We have 18 retirement homes now spread out through the United States. We’re located out of New York. So
Dave Stetzer: Okay
New Customer: And we were quoted a $25 per unit.
Dave Stetzer: Okay that would be a good deal.
New Customer: The reason why we’re talking to you it’s also about the information we read about diabetes. So let me see if I have this straight. When you diagnosed people with diabetes you found that treating them with the the filters causes them to need less insulin? Is that correct?
Dave Stetzer: Yes that’s true. The biggest benefit is the health benefits.
New Customer: So people that have been diagnosed with, so that you know actually that they do have diabetes.
Dave Stetzer: 92% is the highest amount of insulin reduction.
New Customer: That if someone has diabetes then they can be treated with your filters and their blood sugar from what you know and understand has gone down?
Dave Stetzer: Yes, we have had studies done.
New Customer: So they did double blind tests?
Dave Stetzer: Oh yeah, great
New Customer: Okay
Dave Stetzer: Absolutely. So if you’re working in an environment for more than six hours a day for 180 days a year you have increase your chances of getting cancer by 400%. You’ve increased it by 25% if you only worked there for a year. But if you’re working there for more than one year you’ve increased it by 400%.
New Customer: So in a way you could say you could say that your filters could prevent cancer?
Dave Stetzer: Yes, um we have had people who have had cancer and put them in and Leukemia is a good one it clears up the blood clears up when the filters go in. I mean we had a guy when he plugged them in within 20 minutes he had a fever and it killed his Leukemia. He’s around today.
New Customer: Wow, so your filters do affect the the cancer.
Dave Stetzer: Cancer, um diabetes definitely you know, 20 minutes to an hour your blood sugar is going to change once you put those things in.
New Customer: Okay I shall talk to you again very soon.
Dave Stetzer: Okay
New Customer: And you’re normally there so we we can talk?
Dave Stetzer: Yeah I won’t be here for the next two days because I’ll be out on a thing. Alright.
New Customer: Dave you, it’s David or Dave?
Dave Stetzer: Dave
New Customer: Dave I we’ll talk to you soon. I’ll call you towards the end of the week.
Dave Stetzer: Yeah, if you have any questions just let me know.
New Customer: I will.
Dave Stetzer: Like I say we’re in engineering base company we’re not salesman here you know we’re, we are the original guys. Okay?
New Customer: Okay
Dave Stetzer: Graham, Martin Graham every day I talk to him so you know what I mean you have access to a huge amount of, of stuff here.
New Customer: Thank you very much for your time.
Dave Stetzer: Yep no problem.
New Customer: And I will talk to you soon.
Dave Stetzer: Yep okay yep bye