Stetzer Electric Inc.'s filtered surge suppressors are dangerous, catch fire and emit toxic chemicals, which can and will damage your health, if you're unlucky enough to be around when they go up in flames.

Stetzerizer Filters / Stetzer Filters allegedly help eliminate electrical pollution (EMF pollution).  Their filtered power strips - surge suppressors - are supposed to protect your equipment and home from electrical surges and
"dirty electricity".  Instead, these surge suppressors, also known as "surge protectors” and electrical pollution reduction filters or EMF filters, in this case, have a tendency to catch fire and fill your home with smoke and cancer-causing toxic particles and fumes.  The filters are also supposed to help you save money on your electric bills.  There is no evidence that such a claim is true.

"I also used to sell the Stetzerizer power strip ... I saw a number of power strips fail.  The units would either stop working, or a burning smell was detected and the unit was removed, or worst case the filter would melt a small hole in the housing." -- written by Shaun Kranish, Owner of on September 25, 2013

UPDATE: NEW VIDEO available soon showing how easily the Stetzer Electric products catch fire.  Stetzer claims they won't - NOT true.  Even their small filters catch fire and burn quite easily.  Watch the first VIDEO INVESTIGATION now.
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Stetzer Electric. Inc. is currently being investigated for manufacturing and selling a dangerous product that has caught fire and emits toxic smoke and chemicals into the air YOU breathe.

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NO COMMENT from Stetzer Electric after its defective "dirty electricity" power strip filtered surge suppressor is revealed to have caught fire and burned.  But, they're quick to file a lawsuit against their victim.  See the VIDEO investigation. This special consumer alert and consumer warning is a public service announcement.


STETZER FORCED TO DROP ITS FRIVOLOUS LAWSUIT against the victim of its defective product.


EMF Filters

Read the Canadian Health SCIENCE REPORT which reveals the truth about Stetzerizer "EMF" filter products being useless and even dangerous. 

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